Mexican Glass Margarita or Ice Tea Pitcher, Hand Painted Poncho with Pina, Agave and Saguaro Cactus

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Mexican Glass Margarita pitcher hand blown, Bola shape, Hand Painted Poncho design. Great for margaritas or endlessly adaptable, for other beverages like ice tea. These pitchers are handcrafted in the area around Guadalajara, Mexico by individual artist, using glass-blowing techniques perfected over generations. Pitcher is around 9 1/2 inches tall and around 8 inches wide. Holds about 4 quarts or 1 gallon. Please note that as each piece is individually handmade, slight variations in the shape and size of the pitcher are likely, making every item a distinct example of blown glass craftsmanship. Tiny bubbles within the surface exemplify this singular, rustic technique. Matching margarita, martini and tumblers available. See sample photos. Not included with painted pitcher. Care instructions: Although ther Mexican glass it is quite durable, this glass is not tempered so some extra care is necessary. A cooling-off period is essential after washing in hot water. Extreme temperature changes may cause thermal shock and cracking. This glassware is not suitable for serving hot beverages.

  • Mexican Glass Margarita or Ice Tea Pitcher, round or bola (bowl) shape design, 4 quarts
  • Individually hand-blown with lead free recycled glass with a festive touch. Hand Painted
  • Handmade in Mexico by gifted artisans. Sturdy enough for daily use. Poncho with Agave and Saguaro Cactus design
  • Each pitcher will vary slightly as a result of being individually mouth-blown, Colors will vary a little.
  • Hand Wash only, not for hot beverages, do not place in dishwasher