Mexican Glass Margarita or Juice Pitcher, Pebble or Bumby Confetti, Bola or Bowl Shape Design

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Mexican Glass Margarita pitcher hand blown, Bola shape, Pebble Confetti design. Great for margaritas or endlessly adaptable, for other beverages. Pitcher is approximately 9 1/2 inches tall and 6 inches wide plus handle. Holds about 4 quarts filled to the rim. These pitchers are handcrafted in the area around Guadalajara, Mexico by individual artist, using glass-blowing techniques perfected over generations. Please note that as each piece is individually handmade, slight variations in the shape and size of the glass are likely, making every item a distinct example of blown glass craftsmanship. Tiny bubbles within the surface exemplify this singular, rustic technique. This pitcher is also available in a straight design.

  • Mexican Glass Margarita Pitcher, Pebble Confetti, Bola (bowl) shape, 4+ quarts
  • Individually hand-blown with recycled glass with a festive touch
  • Handmade in Mexico by gifted artisans. Pitcher with wine glasses is just an example. Wine glass not included.
  • Each pitcher will vary slightly as a result of being individually mouth-blown. See additional images.
  • Sturdy enough for daily use. Dishwasher safe, not for hot beverages