Mexican Shot Glass Tequila Making Scene, hand painted Bottle set with hand made metal display rack, set of 6,

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Every day is a fiesta when serving your favorite tequila. These Mexican shot glasses are hand blown and with the tequila bottle are hand painted in Mexico from molded glass. Shot glasses and tequila bottle are decorated with hand painted tequila making scene. Because they are handmade dimensions and colors may vary slightly. Sturdy enough for everyday use. Size: shot glasses approximately 3 inches high 1 inch wide and holds about 2 oz. Tequila bottle is 9 inches high, 5 inches wide and holds about 650 ml. Care instructions: Our Mexican Glassware is individually hand painted. Do not place in dishwasher, hand wash only. Although glass is quite durable, this glass is not tempered so a cooling-off period is essential after the glassware is hand washed in hot water. Extreme temperature changes may cause thermal shock and cracking. This glassware is not suitable for serving hot beverages.